A Silent Alien Invasion

Contact with extraterrestrial life is a great threshold, and it holds wonderful opportunity and tremendous risk. While there has been occasional extraterrestrial visitation to Earth throughout human history, by various races for various reasons, extraterrestrial contact began in earnest sixty years ago.

Ultimately, there is an opportunity for humanity to find its place in a greater community of worlds, learning of life beyond our solar system, and sharing the spirituality and art that humanity has achieved. There is an opportunity for global unity with the peace, sustainability, and stability which unity could bring. Someday this may happen.

But extraterrestrial contact brings with it an existential threat—not of humanity being wiped out, but being employed, enslaved and farmed. You see, the extraterrestrial visitors in the world today represent commercial forces. They are scavenger races who are here to exploit the biological resources of Earth. These are the first “explorers” to our shores, and the indigenous people of this world know who it is that explores. It is the conquistadores, those who seek wealth, conquest and riches: discount spices or rare earth metals, oil deposits beneath the jungle or cities of gold.

We want to hope that life beyond our world would be wise and spiritual and peaceful. We want enlightened guides with advanced technology to save us from our plight. People who have given up hope in humanity and its institutions look to the heavens for salvation. “Come, save us from ourselves!”

But life is life, in the galaxy as it is on Earth. The wise and the peaceful do not cruise through space visiting adolescent species to dispense unasked for advice or overthrowing corrupt and misguided regimes, freeing the citizens from their leaders and bestowing upon them prefabricated constitutions and free energy. The wise stay discreet to remain wise. Those who travel in space do so to expand their wealth and power.

Humanity is not ready for space. We are fractured. We are overshooting our world’s natural capacity by overconsuming and overpopulating. We are overconfident and superstitious. And we know nothing of what is out there, who might visit and what they want.

The human family has to prepare for life in a greater community. We are not ready for this competitive and dangerous environment. We are like a teenager arrived in the big city: we are guileless and vulnerable to exploitation. Those who would offer their help need to be assessed for their honesty and intentions, but we don’t have the experience to do this.

So in the mean time we must unite. We must be vigilant, humble and cautious while we get our bearings. We need to ask: Who is here? Why are they here? What do they want and what would they do to get it? Is their approach to us ethical and respectful, or is it deceptive and coercive?

What has happened over the last century tells us a lot: families abducted and abused, military bases invaded and interfered with, displays of force, and leaders manipulated and wooed, and hybrid people inserted into human power structures.

This is not the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. This is the groundwork being set for subjugation and occupation. This is a silent alien invasion.

16 thoughts on “A Silent Alien Invasion

  1. I’m so glad that we can sign it now. Even though signatures are not verifiable, nor is it the time and place to present such a move to the local “councils”, it is establishing the awareness, model, the attitude and positioning for the real thing. Whether in our lifetime or not, we have to plant the seeds. What an opportunity and amazing transitional time to be alive and to be a player on the board. It has always been the 1% that determine the fate of nations, .5 good guys and .5 bad guys.

    What an honor to be among the world changers!


  2. This is a very important document. It is something the governments of the world should be composing. It is something the United Nations should be composing. We are being visited. They are extracting resources unopposed. They are abducting the citizens of this world unopposed. Rules of engagement need to be set. If not this, then something!

  3. I was told in 1975 that I had five bad implants in me that were the result of UFO with swastika type abductions. An aunt of mine told me I was way up north near the Arctic circle when found. I was close to Leonard peltier long ago. He had to euthanize many,many law officers when they were trapped in those woods and being tortured. I am over 60 now, hoping to rebuild my health and move eventually to a suitable area.

  4. We live in constant fear, yet we have nothing to fear but fear itself, I have to agree and have arrived at the same conclusion as blog 1 by Neil Haddon on February 9, 2015
    It appears that which we do not understand and is unknown or different we engage fully in fear. ET’s presence is no exception. My guess is various races, with various agendas, both favorable and unfavorable to us and them, within the races probably factions and alliances of various groups. Perhaps some races are profoundly telepathic which could mean a greater unity of mind thought intent, more so than we can understand. Perhaps some races are, non telepathic, extremely individualized and independent. We tend to focus on the visual, when in fact there are other qualities which are far more important than what we see as another race, black white red grey lizard nordic etc. We possess Free will, to choose love, kindness, empathy, cooperation, caring, etc or we can choose “the opposite of these”. Either choice, we learn and growth, and experience, I have to believe the former choices, are those we could consider as a positive evolution of spirit. And the perceived state of this planet, reflects our heart. If one sees disarray and fear in the world, than that is a reflection of your heart. If one sees beauty and gratitude and appreciation, than that is the state of your heart. Who do you want to be around? Who do you want to be? Which do you want this planet reflect. I suspect the ET races are not foreign to this planet, perhaps they have been here for eons, likely created all earth life and continue to modify species. Please do not confuse your body with who you are. This physical body is not you, watch a few NDE’s, you will soon learn, we who are spirits are having a human experience. It is probable, the human species was created to host , us as spirit, simply to have physical experience beyond spirit, to exist in a this realm, to evolve into what we were meant to be. And the evolution is not physical but spiritual, yet doesn’t the state of our collective spirit or heart reflect what the planet is? And the solution is us, simply to use our free will, a simple choice, to express outwardly these positive virtues of love, kindness, empathy, cooperation, etc and shed the fear, anger, suspicion, greed, etc….

  5. On March 11, 2012, i was struck by solar flares. Our Star delivered to me a revelation. During my 11 days of “delusions and hallucinations” and more communication with Sun (until March 22 when i went to hospital) i concluded that Earth had been taken over by an Alien race thru mind-control. I also realized that i am the Pahana of Hopi prophecy. I don’t know what is expected of me, but in the meantime, i have relocated to Albuquerque from Mississippi. I wait until it is time to travel to the Hopi Holy Land.

  6. hello. is the site still active? it may be a silent invasion, but i know of a corporation (group of entities established on earth) with a specific mission, it seems, to work on human bodies in so-called ‘healing sessions’ and somehow bypass human consciousness and replace it with alien programs/consciousness…

  7. Today is 17th of March 2016…!!!
    In 8 days from now, that is Good Friday of 2016, there will be an EVENT.
    On 25th of March, the city of Phoenix and it’s sister city Mesa will be in deep trouble.
    New York will be hit as well.
    I deciphered this from a video called ‘231134421 be ready’.
    And that will be only the beginning…

  8. We are in a difficult time. The balance of good and evil has been under control up to now. God is the only answer; yet we are going away from the only foundation the earth has been balanced for eons. The problem we are having is what to do to protect us from ourselves. We are a people of prayer, compassion, and love. Yet all this article sees is what we need and control. This is ludicrous. We don’t own anything-God does. When you are in trouble you go to your neighbor or ask for help from someone who has helped you.
    Due to the treaty with God and the bad angels, Wormwood or Nibiru/Planet X will be releasing the evil and half evil angels. We should be thankful that others are coming to help us. Look at the technology. They have been helping us for hundreds of years, yet we have only incarcerated them, defiled them, and even treated them with an attitude of hostility. True not all serve God but it is our foundation and the Universe. Evil and the dark side of mankind is what we are showing them. Many have been giving up their planets, families and homes to God to help save us. The Word of God says one third of the stars, etc will be destroyed. Why? What is the purpose only to destroy the evil side in the Universe. True Jesus is the path but what was the purpose only to teach about truth, love, and lessons of life. We have free will; but let us not forget which side to pick or what is at stake our own souls and life.

  9. I’m sorry.
    Whilst I believe your intent is good, I am afraid you are quite out of date with your ‘Fundamental Rights’. The solar system has and is already populated with several ET races – some benevolent, some no so. To declare at this stage a ‘no fly zone’ is therefore somewhat pointless.
    Moreover, your Jan 29th blog displays a very biased and negative viewpoint: “You see, the extraterrestrial visitors in the world today represent commercial forces. They are scavenger races who are here to exploit the biological resources of Earth. ”
    Yes, these forces exist, but they are counter-balanced by benevolent, supportive forces, who genuinely want us to grow and believe in ourselves so we can repel the manipulative forces trying to subvert our FREE WILL. Free Will is the primary Law of the Universe, so they can only take/use what we give them freely.
    Withhold our permission, tell them we cannot accept what they offer, wish them well on their journey back to the Creator, and we shall overcome.

  10. I just came across this site and am astonished…..everything I have been going through for the last year is stated here. I am a hybrid. I know I have implants and don’t know what to do. I just declared my sovereignty and am feeling them less everyday, they literally invaded my mind sending me messages that were awful, have been sexually abused by these creatures and have several marks on my whole body that my Dr cannot explain. I am reaching out for help I have literally been in a living hell and am just now returning to “me” any advice would be greatly appreciated

  11. I personally admire the work behind this blog and the Declaration to which it refers. I particularly agree with the sentiments expressed in the last two paragraphs of this entry. And yet I am puzzled, because there are of course, significant aspects to the big picture that I do not see being addressed anywhere. To begin, the technology of interstellar and interdimensional ‘flight’, if you will, clearly indicates the presence of a principle of inexhaustible, regenerative power that pervades the universe from top to bottom. For example, in spite of the fact that every particle, every electron in the universe has a measurable, quantifiable “mass,” they have each been spinning, and thus “consuming” energy, since the dawn of time, yet able to do so only by drawing the power to do so from surrounding space. In short, the propulsive force within each “ufo” is nothing more than a technology that simulates the internal power and violence of a single electron through the self-defining, self-regenerating propensity of an intensely contained, electromagnetic vortex…

    Incidentally, this same propulsive principle, which necessarily pervades all existence, is also necessarily identical to the most basic principle of life and consciousness; an inexhaustible topic in and of itself, to be sure, but I menation this in passing only because it directly pertains to my current puzzlement over what has been so clearly documented with respect to the abductions, etc. and related abuses to which you have refered above. We seem to have neocon aliens on our hands.

    So what puzzles me is this:

    Given the literally inexhaustible energy and power of the same technology that has made their presence on Earth possible –whether the distance traveled has been intergalactic or indimensional (if there is truly any real difference)– which, in turn necessarily allows any given species the latitude and luxury to build and create anything it can possibly imagine and more; what possible “commercial” interest could any species have? Seriously, how can economics in any form possibly come into play here? Races that can travel throughout all existence at no cost whatsoever need and/or trade in exotic DNA? Of “rare” minerals which can otherwise be refined in truly vast quantities from any given asteroid belt, etc.? Or recipes for chicken mango sandwiches? And yet I grant you that this is more or less precisely the impression of our collective human experience. I know exactly where you’re coming from, but there seems to be something missing in the narrative. And if that’s the case, then how can we develop a truly effective strategy in the face of a looming universe of life?

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