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  1. I am one hundred % behind this Declaration as I know that America & the illuminati & possibly the Banksters who have taken control of the armedforces in America & have dragged other countries into this evil plot to take over the planet, we are basically A Prison Planet & with The Rothschilds Owning & Running 197 Banks out of 200 countries you can see there is only 3 countries not owned by them hence the talk now of starting business with Cuba , war being started in the second Iran & trying to start world war 3 with the last of 3 North Korea,we are led to believe that the Galactic Federation has been fighting wars with other Hostile Planet Forces for the last 9 yrs & have Won, & are coming to help us get rid of the Evil Aliens Illuminati or Anunnaki & Large White Aliens who Habit The Desert In America, & something I have always held as a lie the Adam & Eve bit which never could be true as we have such a diverse range of people in looks language color religion & martial arts which is never been mentioned in the Bible or with any other Biblecal Event, & I have now learnt that I am right we are all from different planets & were seeded down here as an Experiment by The Galactic Federation, this has been told by an American Chanellor who is in regular contact with the different peoples in The Universe Or Solar System, whilst all of this is very plausible we have no definite proof & are continually being Bombarded With Geoengineering yr in & year out Plus H A A R P who has 18 Transmitters Worldwide & not just the one as most people stupidly believe, & one Massive Transmitter That Sits On The Seabed Between North Africa & Jamaica & is Responsible For All Tsunami,s Earthquakes New Old & Extinct,they are now trying to say that it,s all down to Planet X Or Nibiru which is utter Bullshit as it was not around to make most of them & it,s been proved by Experts that planet x is another Fabrication set up by The Cabal & Partners to frighten people into believing that they are done for & it will make it easier for them to Arrest People & Transport Them By Special 3 Storey Prison Trains To The Nearest One Of 800 Prison Camps Across America, & once America falls then they will start into Europe & Have Already Passed The Law There With The Innocent Sounding Name Of ( Agenda 21 ) which like the nice President Obama Got Through Last Year Called Marshall Law & that’s what ( Agenda 21 ) is all about Marshall Law , & yes I will say it again we are living on a Prison Planet & The Sooner People Wake Up & Realise That The Better Off We All Will Be, the next 12 moths or possibly less will either see us imprisoned dead or working as slave labour in those Prison Camps & the Children Will End Up As Sex Slaves Just Like So Many Are Now & Run Just For The Cabal & Partners,these poor girls go to Hollywood in the hope of being an actress & are signed up & do get bit parts but are put onto Drugs Straight Away & Are Escorted To Massive Parties Where They Are Used By The Cabal & Partners, & if they start to complain there given an Overdose & Are Found By The Police Who Just Say Well Just Another Druggy, this is just another Sick Side Of The Evil Cabal & Partners Using Us For There Own Ends.

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